I’m all thumbs!

I was texting my wife last night and a friend that was with me commented on how quick I could type on my iPad with my thumbs. I laughed and told him it was very natural for me and that my new Christian novel was just being edited at the publisher and I typed all two hundred and twenty five pages…with my thumbs.  He shook his head and we laughed.

I remember when I started the writing process. I went out and bought a new MacBook and began to try and write like a “real writer.” I had read books on writers habits and what great authors did like C. S. Lewis and Hemingway. I would get the ambiance just write in my home study and fumble around on the keyboard awkwardly. I would accidentally hit the mousepad relocating the cursor to some random spot on the page and fumble for the shift key, stretching to reach it with the wrong fingers. It was a disaster. As was the cool little “in cover” keyboard and the wireless Bluetooth keyboard I bought for my iPad.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt like a failure. There was no possible way I could write a book like this. Every time I walked in my study at home I would see my Mac and the extra keyboards and the enemy would whisper something discouraging in my ear.

One day I was thinking about an idea and got excited about it because it could only have come from God. I sat down and wrote out the whole first chapter on my iPad in a couple of hours…with my thumbs. I didn’t even realize how I typed it. I was inspired and I just did what I could to get the job done.

I laughed after the fact thinking about the idiom, “being all thumbs.” It means feeling awkward or clumsy. At that moment I came to a realization that has changed my life.

I realized that God has given us all very specific gifts and talents. They are all very important and we have a responsibility to utilize them for the Kingdom and for others. We have got to stop comparing ourselves to others and really focus on what we are supposed to do and to “stay in our lane.”

Eclesiastes 9:10 says that “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”  So don’t give in to discouragement. Follow your heart and focus on obedience and relationship with your creator. Our lives are not insignificant and sometimes God does his best work in our lives…when we feel like we are all thumbs!



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