How well do we listen?


img_3243Josiah walked out of the workshop and headed across the courtyard, two large chairs in tow. He looked up and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, smelling the fragrant spring flowers in the afternoon breeze. He just stood there as the sun warmed his face and enjoyed the moment.


Josiah jumped slightly and laughed, opening his eyes and looking down at his teenage daughter. “Mary you startled me.” He put the chairs down and hugged his daughter.

“I’m sorry,” Mary smiled. She looked up and said, “You did jump a little.” She laughed and Josiah smiled and hugged her even more as he playfully growled at her.

“Were you praying?” She asked and stepped back a bit, looking at her father while thinking she might have interrupted him.

“No. But I was enjoying what God has done for today,” he said as he arranged the two chairs to point into the breeze. “Sit and let me show you.” Mary sat down eagerly. She was smiling knowing what her father was about to do.

“Now close your eyes and tell me what he’s done for us.” Mary closed her eyes. She settled her hands in her lap, took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly.
“Now, tell me. One at a time.” Josiah almost whispered and leaned in towards her with his eyes closed.

“The sun feels nice…and warm… and the breeze is cool, but not too cool.”

“Good, what else?”

“I smell flowers. I should pick some for mother.” Mary smiled, keeping her eyes closed, tilted her head back, then turned slightly as if trying to hear a distant sound.

“Keep going,” Josiah spoke softly.

Mary paused and breathed deeply turning her face towards the afternoon sun which gave her face an amber glow. Josiah couldn’t help but see Samira’s features in her face and smiled with pride at the young woman she had become.

“I smell cedar… and I hear birds singing in the distance… and a rooster…”
“And the caravan is here, so there are things to gather, and a donkey to load,” Samira whispered in their ears while gently putting her hands on both of their shoulders, smiling and pulling them together.

Mary jumped slightly as Josiah and Samira laughed. “Mother!” Mary cried out as she jumped out of the chair and playfully pulled away. She spun in a circle and tried to cover her smile with her hands. “Mother you scared me!” Mary began to laugh.

“She got you!” Josiah proclaimed pointing at his daughter. Mary crinkled her nose and grunted making funny faces at her father. Josiah reached out to grab her but she just avoided it and grabbed one of the chairs and ran towards small coral. Josiah quickly grabbed the other chair and ran after her. Samira watched the both of them playfully poking at each other only slowing down when they entered the coral and approached the donkey…………..

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